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Why SSL?

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Image by Katie White from Pixabay
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In the world of the 21st century security has been equated with reliability. Seeing that secure symbol on a web page gives you and your visitors the reassurance that you have taken the extra steps to ensure that their data is protected from unwanted eyes.

Purchasing a SSL is a strong first step in this assurance you wish to convey to your customers. NeedWeb is here for you when you decide to do that. We will meet with you over the Internet or in person to determine the best SSL for your needs.

Once a SSL certificate is installed on your site a padlock or secure indicator will appear in browsers to indicate that any information passed to or from the website has been encrypted. This establishes trust and authentication.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Free for commercial use 
No attribution required

When a site owner purchases SSL they are authenticating their data with an issuing authority. This official data is contained within the certification and can be publicly gleaned to verify that you are conducting business with entity to whom you think your doing business.

Further the SSL certificate ensures that phishing attacks can’t be perpetrated in the name of the site or business with a properly install certificate. You shouldn’t be clicking links in email from sites that do not go to SSL and especially not sites that have not had their data authenticated by an official authority.

NeedWeb uses official authorities, such as, to secure your SSL certificates. By purchasing the SSL through us we alleviate you from the intricacies and complexities involved with successfully installing them.

Whether you are processing credit cards or just want to make sure you grandchildren know that they are communicating with the right grand parents, a SSL is right for you.

NeedWeb, when you need it, we’re here.